the Xmas Epic blog

The draft itinerary to the right.
This is a start, all options open, will need tweaks.

  • Tour is currently 13 days (27th Dec – 8 Jan). This is one extra week on top of Xmas-New Year. People need to indicate how long they want to be on the tour, transport to rail/bus connections should be easy with the support vehicles.
  • The start is currently Ocean Grove, out of Melbourne. May save us some grief, although Beach road seems a cycling favourite (see
  • Daily distance very approximate & will depend on where we end up getting accommodation.
  • Trip could be done in a couple of less days (combine days 3&4, 12&13).
  • The route does not at this stage go through the Lake Alexandria, Hindmarsh Island etc, (turn off before Meningle). There is a road but suspect its sand/4WD.
  • Maps up soon.
  • Leave comments below.


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    7 Responses to the Xmas Epic blog

    1. theboyg says:

      Fish may fight but if you land ’em
      The beach itself will lightly sand ’em.
      Now for something half as random,
      Twice as heavy: that’s the tandem.

    2. Malcolm says:

      Mal certainly able to provide a hearty breakfast fit for hobbits and others.

      Suggest consider riding from Melbourne – mostly cycle paths from the Dandenongs and possibility of suburban train or V-line to cover more ground.

      Also very good vineyards in the limestone country in the south of SA as an option to the Coast route.

      I’ll follow up a possible place/backyard to stay in Port Fairy.

      You will have heard of CheeseWorld. It’s on route near Warrnambool and shouldn’t be missed.

    3. xmasepic says:

      Is Mal able and willing to supply a breakfast a la Bilbo Baggins (even if he’s still asleep)? You are fabulous in your organisation, Mark. The distances seem feasible for those of us who are now esteemed citizens of greyer dispositions. I have just bought a small ute, which may be useful if needed. Will ring you. Scott

    4. xmasepic says:

      Mums chasing up possible accommodation in Otways. Any other relative/friends with spare backyards en route?

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