Brisbane – Gold Coast training ride

This is what happens when you twitter “Going for a ride, anyone interested? Meet at south bank.” Me, Leah, Damo & Suzy set off to the GC (+10,000 others). Damo & Suzy are possible Melb-Adel starters.


More here

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2 Responses to Brisbane – Gold Coast training ride

  1. xmasepic says:

    Hi James,
    Thats a pity about Frances, her bike with the banana colourway would have really set us apart from the other pretenders.

    Scott and partner Diane are now definite MtA riders, (Diane only to the ~4th Jan. like Leah) It may be possible to take over Leah’s bike if Frances wanted to ride the last 4 days 5th-8th Jan.

    And thanks James for the tip-off about the TDU spread in todays Australian. I guess there’s is a tricky post-footy / pre-cricket period for the sports pages to negotiate & they’ve been saving this “news” feature for such an emergency.

    However, I note we are tracing (actually salmoning) much of stage 4 up to Mt Barker on day 12! We may have to fend off pro-teams that are training on the route when we go through! mark

  2. xmasepic says:

    Mark I have another possible starter for the trip … a mate from Bathurst days, loves his bikes. He’ll let me know next week. Frances is going to have to work through Christmas and New Year, and is unlikely to make it. bummer.


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