The plan

This post is to keep everyone updated on what is happening. There are a number of possible other participants I haven’t included at this stage. Either edit to make changes or email me to make the changes.

Rider Notes
Mark Duration
Malcolm Duration
Jonathon tbc (withdrawn)
James Duration (+TDU start)
Leah Only to 4/1/10
Scott Duration
Diane Only to 4/1/10 (tbc)

Crew Notes
Mum Duration
Dad tbc

I’ll assume everyone will be organising to have their own bike, tent, sleeping gear. Since we’re flying down we won’t be able to bring much extra. I guess we’ll be relying on Mal for a lot, but others driving down will be able to bring stuff. This list is for things I reckon essential. Please suggest other stuff to add, volunteer if you can provide any of the items below.

Essential Items Sponsor
large pot for cooking pasta ?
large expresso, Alum Italian screw job ?
gas burners + gas bottle James has a

crap 1 burner

foot bike pump James
2 bike racks (for as many bikes as possible) James x1


First Aid kit ?

I think we’ll need two cars, so at this stage that means we’ll rotate the driving of one car by a rider.


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6 Responses to The plan

  1. Mark says:

    Malcolm, do you have some gas burners + beefy BBQ bottle? (rather than woosy hiking bottle)

  2. 888riley says:

    Jonathon’s withdrawal has left me nonplussed

    • Mark says:

      We’re going to have to post a BSNYC phrase book. I think I’ve got most of it worked out. But any idea what ITTET means?

      • 888riley says:

        Don’t know … but I know what AYHSMB means, and that’s all I need to get me to Adelaide.

        Schluffing I know. Palping not so much.

        I was bored at work today so I worked ‘nonplussed’ into one of my stories

  3. 888riley says:

    OK Mark I am now fully signed up …

    Culture on Tour: The Adelaide Hills is, natch, the stomping ground of the Hilltop Hoods. Peace out, bra.

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