The Plan II

This post repeats the previous “The Plan” post with accommodation added to keep everyone updated on what is happening.
For the most up-to-date info see “the trip > itinerary” at the top of the right hand menu.

After feedback it was suggested that we start directly from Mals place to do the full trip. I have aimed to find accommodation for 8 people, 2 in a cabin, 6 in tents. If more people end up coming on the trip, we will have to try to find more places or squeeze in. We have to book now as it is difficult to find places at that time of year and in many places we have the last beds/sites. A few places seem completely full. We have a problem with Geelong (I’ve tried 11 places in the area). There is also a problem at Warrnambool, no cabin and only tent space for six people. We may have to resort to using a rest area, “stealth camping“, or back to Mals.

Mum & Dad: you may want to try for a motel or something in Warrnambool. Other places with no cabins (Yambuk, Beachport) there is enoungh room for us all in tents if you want to rough it.

The number of tent sites required varies according to how many tents we can put on a site. Where possible I’ve said we will be bringing our linen for the cabin to keep the price down. For tents costs should average $10/person/night.

I haven’t yet tried to booked beyond Kingston. I think it would be good to add an extra day on the way out. The Coorong Wildness Lodge
looks very interesting, Aborigine run, cheap and pretty.

We need to nail the dates down for those flying out of Adelaide (me) can book. It should be possibe to catch a plane on the evening of Sunday, 10th Jan. as its a short day from HahnDorf, otherwise I can fly out next day.

Date Night Notes Dist(Tot)
27th Dec Geelong/Werribee/Ocean Grove Nobody wants us ~60?(60)
28th Dec Sally Cleary
775 Bambra-Boonah Rd
Birregurra, 3242.
ph: (03) 5388 7270
Camp area + studio
29th Dec Cobden Caravan Park
1236 Camperdown Rd
Cobden, 3266.
ph: (03) 5595 1140
1 motel room (2)
3 tent sites (6)
(dep paid)
30th Dec Hopkins River Caravan Park
125 jubilee Park Rd
ph: (03) 5565 1327
2 tent sites (6 people)
no cabins
31st Dec Yambuk Camping ground
Carrols Lane, Yambuk.
0410 006201
3 tent sites
no cabins
(booked, POA)
1st Jan Narrawong Holiday Park
Caravan Rd
Narrawong , 3285
ph: (03)5529 5282
cabin (sleeps 6)
2 tent sites
2nd Jan River-Vu park
31 kellett St
Nelson, 3202
ph:(08) 8738 4123
cabin (2)
1 tent site (6)
(dep. paid)
3rd Jan Pine Country caravan park
Bay & Kilsby Rd
Mt Gambier, 5290
ph: (08) 8725 1899
cabin (2)
3 tent sites (6)
4th Jan BeachPort caravan park
Beach Rd
BeachPort , 5280
ph: (08) 8735 8128
2 tent sites (8)
no cabins
(booked, POA)
5th Jan Kingston caravan park
Marine Pde
ph: (08) 6757 2050
cabin (2)
3 tent sites (6)
(booked, POA)
6th Jan Gemini Downs
Salt Creek
ph: (08) 8575 7013
cabin (2)
3 tent sites (4)
(not yet booked)
7th Jan Coorong Wildness Lodge
Hacks Point
ph: (08) 8575 6041
cabin (2)
3 tent sites (4)
(not yet booked)
8th Jan Wellington (not yet booked) 72(923)
9th Jan Mt Barker/Hahndorf (not yet booked) 74(997)
10th Jan James   40(1037)
Rider Notes
Mark Duration
Malcolm Duration
Jonathon tbc (withdrawn)
James Duration (+TDU start)
Leah Only to 4/1/10
Scott Duration
Diane Only to 4/1/10 (tbc)
Crew Notes
Mum Duration
Dad tbc

I’ll assume everyone will be organising to have their own bike, tent, sleeping gear. Since we’re flying down we won’t be able to bring much extra. I guess we’ll be relying on Mal for a lot, but others driving down will be able to bring stuff. This list is for things I reckon essential. Please suggest other stuff to add, volunteer if you can provide any of the items below.

Essential Items Sponsor
large pot for cooking pasta Mum to bring
large expresso, Alum Italian screw job ?
gas burners + gas bottle James has a crap 1 burner
foot bike pump James
2 bike racks (for as many bikes as possible) James x1 (3 bikes)
First Aid kit ?

I think we’ll need two cars, so at this stage that means we’ll rotate the driving of one car by a rider.

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