The Right Gear I

What is style? Looking good without trying?

Here are some tips from Yanko Design (“Form beyond function”) that would be sure-fire winners in the Xmas Epic peloton.

The Soft-Hat, Safety Ruffles? I just don’t know, but get it here. Practical and Poncy, it folds to pocket size and could probably double as a handkerchief:

More protection? Integrated Murtles with a gladiator look:

Want even more protection? Primal does a big line in mens bibs. A carbon chamois could be the answer:

Thankfully the E6 is super-opaque. But let’s look at that chamois:

Features anti-static and a fourth dimensional design. We all know the problems of static build up on a hard ride. The combination of lycra with high cadence results in all sort of unwanted fluff being attracted to the chamois region. However, I’m flummoxed about the fourth dimension. Maybe that’s where stuff gets “wicked” to.

Finally, our good friends at eleventh gear, offer the Republic of Anaerobia (“Veni Vidi Vomiti”) and the Poseur lines:

Eleventh gear also run a cycling haiku competition:
You can win a water bottle (I’m, thinking of you here Scott!)

True Poseur
Full euro team kit
derailleur misadjusted
pass him on small hill.

11 per cent
The world melts away
all thought obliterated
squeezed out by the steep.

Feigning Intent
Grace personified
falling over at the stop
I meant to do that.


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