Beyond the Prius: The post-Copenhagen small footprint

Todays carbon conscious grey nomad is environmentally savvy, vulnerable to ethical investment and wishes to leave their DNA on a planet with less atmospheric carbon.

Xmas Epic can help with low impact, conscious easing, ethical camping ideas.

A bike caravan is available as a prototype here.

But is a bike caravan really energy efficient? The Dutch (good with wind) have invented the wind bike (whike):

And when you get to your destination you can try some stealth camping using a lightweight Hennessy Hammock (From low impact to “no impact: sensitive to tree bark”).

Here a stealth camper in a down town park Toronto:

The Hennessy Hammock system. Some models only 750gm.

More on Stealth camping here

And when you’ve thrown up the hammock, remember to cook ethically and to limit your fuel combustion: Use the eco-Billy:

Boils quickly with “a handful of leaves and twigs”

And with that cup of tea you can cook your meal using that same handful of leaves and zip-lock cooking techniques:

OK, it looks like someones stash, but its really Thai beef stir-fry. Zip-lock cooking has now become one of the most quickly expanding area of culinary endeavor. Simply add boiling water to dried ingredients and pop the zip-lock bag into a thermos or billy for a slow cook.

The variations are endless.
Some strategies are to leave overnight and in the morning and you have both hot porridge and hot cocoa without getting out of your sleeping bag.

Pop a raw egg into a zip-lock with some dabs of vegemite, seal and into the billy. Five minute later and you have a pouched egg “a la Veg” to have with your cuppa.

Some edgier projects involve dried guacamole.

Nobody said it was easy being green.

Have an ethical Xmas Epic.
And remember, you can’t take your carbon with you.

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  1. boyg says:

    I hope the ride is as interesting as you have made the website!

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