The Right Stuff II

After some 15 years of development NASA has released the latest break-through in hydration science just in time for the Xmas Epic.

The main ingredient of this isotonic electrolyte liquid concentrate is …

… well … water.

Full details at the Cozy Beehive and Cycling Tips where it is revealed that NASA’s research found that it increased cycling endurance in astronauts by 20% on ergometer tests. This electrolyte formula has now been commercialised as “The Right Stuff” by Wellness Brands to allow elite athletes and us to experience “serious hydration”.

I cannot do better than Wellness Brands themselves to make the case:
The Story
From Athlete to Astronaut – The symptoms of dehydration are the same. Headaches. Cramps. Muscle Fatigue. Disorientation. For athletes, it’s the exertion, the sun exposure or the altitude. For astronauts, its microgravity and re-entry.
It took NASA to launch the formula for The Right Stuff. But, it took them 15 years of meticulous testing with athletes and astronauts to get it just right. Now, it’s available for every athlete!
Many sports drinks contain too much of The Wrong Stuff; carbohydrates that – when added to the normal intake of carbs by athletes – impairs optimal electrolyte performance. The Right Stuff has been scientifically shown to actually increase rehydration with its optimal blend of electrolytes without carbohydrates.
You get more electrolytes, faster with every swallow, with The Right Stuff, than even the leading endurance sports drinks.
Backed by years of scientific studies you would expect from NASA – and shown to be significantly superior for hydration and athletic endurance and therefore superior performance.
Technology Exclusively Licensed from NASA Under US Patent #5,447,730

The patent only covers the US and reveals the formula, which I have downloaded for your perusal here (719kb). A simplified recipe is reproduced from cycling tips below:

To make NASA’s rehydration fluid:
Measure 90 grams salt, 100 grams citric acid and 132 grams bicarb soda into a bowl. Slowly add 3 cups warm water and stir until the bubbling stops and everything is dissolved. Add sweetener of choice and make up to 1 litre with water. Store the concentrate in fridge and make 50 ml up to 1 litre with water as needed. Makes 20 litres total. If you add too little bicarb the mixture will taste a bit sharp. If you add too much the residual will react with stomach acid and generate CO2 which may cause gastric discomfort (like taking an antacid).

The bottom line seem to be: Don’t take carbs with your electrolytes. We’ll take advice from you on this Mal.

elite athlete rehydrates (pinky out)

Not quite space, but here is the Right Stuff at the Summit of Mt. Rainier (14,411ft) (with a mis-calibrated altimeter) where some of the boffins at the Wellness Institute prove freezing point depression through the increased molality of the Right Stuff.

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