day 1 Ferny Creek – Ocean Grove

Xmas Epic Kicks Off

27th Dec 09; start: 6:05am.
91.8 km (dist); 5h 37m (saddle time);
16.2 k/h (av);
91.8 km (tot)

The cow of authority has decreed early starts, and we wake at 5:15am for the next 2 weeks. Mark has flat tire, first in years. Blames baggage handlers.

The 5 starting riders are Mark, Malcolm, James, Leah and Scott. Wendy is driving the support car and will be later joined by Dianne. Bikes become integrated parts of us (see Flann O’Brien and here)

We power down the Dandenongs and enter a complex series of bike paths designed to pass by each of Melbourne’s major sculptures.

First the cheesy shot with Oppy:

The alligator:

The bono:

A (2nd) breakfast stop at the Yarra Boathouse.

Next both the chopper AND the zipper:

The time-tunnel:

The disappearring eye:

The cow-in-tree:

For more cows, see our collection here.

From here we jumped on a train for South Geelong, and then onto the rail-trail to Ocean Grove.

Greeted by David who is putting us up for the night. Fantastic effort, prawns & beer, we were too disorganised so early in the trip to appreciate it. Had coffee at Ocean Grove surfclub cafe. No Cadel. Had a couple of dinners in town. This first day ends up being the longest time in the saddle. Tomorrow the trip really starts.

The sign: Beware of the Euro

more pics

day 2

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