day 4: Cobden – Hopkins River

A World of Pain

30th Dec 2009; 6:30am(start) / 12:45(finish)
75.1 km (dist); 3h 21m (saddle);
22.4 kph (ave); 52.4 kph (max);
343.0 km (total)

Coming into form. Increased speed. Less time in saddle. Better for bottoms but some still have ass-issues. Today we dip deep into the Assos.

Countryside spectacular:

Some farmers have too much time on their hands:

Collection of other santa shots here.

Rail Trail at Cobden impassible. Ride road to Timboon (2nd breakfast). Cows everywhere.

Cheese world (1st lunch). Best thick-shakes and slowest service. Great engine museum.

Day ends hot at 12:00pm. Portent of heat to come. Swim in the Hopkins river.

James makes our first visit to the Bicycle Superstore Warrnambool. Given the brief: “I am in a world of pain” they provide him Italian made chamois. James has made the irreversible step from shy-shorts to knicks. Scott holding out with cotton underwear.

The sign: Comfort for those who seek comfort for others

other pics
other pics2

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