day 6: Yambuk – Narrawong

Refinery in the Park

1st Jan 10; 6:30am(start)/8:30(finish)
43.4 km (dist); 1h 45m (saddle);
24.6 kph(av); 42.2 kph(max);
447.8 km (tot)

Today practically rest day. Finish at 8:30am. Cold in morning. Peloton down to three riders. Pass Yambuk hotel at 7am. Fire still burning, but noone there. Typical country bravado. Bodysurfing at Narrawong. Portland dominated by huge aluminium refinery. Surrounded by wind farms irrelevant to its power needs. Refinery can be viewed from a park from a number of interpretive trails. Situated on headland of dramatic coastline. A factory in a beautiful environment still looks like a factory. Must have “worlds best practice” PR person.

The sign: deus ex machina

more pics
more pics2

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One Response to day 6: Yambuk – Narrawong

  1. Hi,

    I’m really glad you had a good ride and it worked out well. Hope to hear the details some time soon.


    Damo and family

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