day 7 Narrawong – Nelson

The Mary Mackillop Stage

2nd Jan 10; 6:05am(start)/10:40(finish)
81.4 km (dist); 3h 54m (saddle);
20.8 kph (av); 49.4 kph (max);
529.2 km (tot)

A day of strange events and sightings. Take the island (according to Google maps: Lady Julia Percy Island) shown on horizon in above picture. Very flat top with sheer cliffs. Yet you can’t look at it in street view. Curious? Yes, and even the animals were acting strange. Check this flock of herons:

They glared at us as we rode by.

The monotremes were also showing attitude:

Nelson, however was a lovely spot. The Glenelg estuary looks like the album cover to The Triffids: “Born Sandy Devotional”. You be the judge.

The sign: The first part of a deja vu

more pics
more pics2

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