day 8: Nelson – Mt Gambier

Blue Lake

3rd Jan 10; 7:05am(start)/9:15(finish)
44.8 km (dist); 2h 3m (saddle);
22.1 kph (av); 51.1 kph (max);
574.0 km (tot)

Late start as now very confused with various time pieces on Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide time. Even the sun is rising later as we move west. Looking forward to seeing the “sundial of human involvement” at Kingston.

Into South Australia. Past the Big Theodolite:

This monument never seems to get a mention in the Big books. We have curated a modest “Big” collection here.

South Australia: Cows? Nope. Santas? Sorry. Vineyards? Oh yeah. No vineyard handy? We’ll put up a picture:

House with quoined corners? No problem:

Also home to White Knights, Farmers Choice Ice Coffee, the Cheese Kransky, among others.

Mt Gambier (2nd breakfast) also had large sink hole in the middle of the city:

Todays sign: A clean drive train reduces wear

more pics
more pics2

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