day 9: Mt Gambier – Beachport

Rock Shox Shock

4th Jan 10; 6:10am(start)/11:30am(finish)
98.7 km (dist); 4h 21m (saddle);
24.2 kph (av); 48.1 kph (max);
672.7 km (tot)

The peloton now reduced to two after Leah boxes bike and steps onto a small Rex aircraft to Adel then back to Brissie. She doesn’t want to go and we briefly talk of abandoning children.

Stop at Millicient for bike shop to inspect James’ unresponsive front suspension, and for James to seek Astroboy decals to “pimp the hell bitch”. Rock Shox suspension declared dead. Bike guy says he’ll try some air. A couple of km later the seals pop, fluids flow and suspension indeed dead. Presents James with a more aggressive riding position:

We stop at sink hole:

Amazingly clear water. Must be deep:

I like this:

Arrive at Beachport. They have big trees in SA too:

Amazingly long jetty. Wheel bike to end to measure length on bike computer. Walk back and then read sign: says 774m, used to be 1450m. It’s a wonder there are any trees left.

Scott rejoins peloton and Dianne support crew. Numbers swell by 50% and 100% respectively. An epic 1500km train/1600km car detour, to get Nishiki bike and lycra. You just can’t put a price on ass comfort.

Todays sign: Beware the flattened fork

more pics
more pics2

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