day 10 Beachport – Kingston

Epic Sky

5th Jan 10; 6:20am(start)/11:50am(finish)
97.4 km (dist); 3h 42m (saddle);
26.3 kph (av); 42.4 kph (max);
770.1 km (tot)

Moving into big sky, epic country. Have to turn up mp3 player very loud to really appreciate grandeur. I digress.

Another beautiful big sky predawn.

Two road bikes and battle harden MB means we can push the pace and we clock the best daily average (26.3 kph) for the trip.

Big sky:

Big sky:

OK there was other stuff. Germans mined Robe (2nd breakfast) in WWII:

Tactical decisions to be made. We’ve been tracking a pair of 39° days on the long range forecast for Adelaide. They’re not going away. Decide to attack the Coorong. Support vehicles give flexibility.

The sign: This is the way

more pics
more pics2

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