day 11 Kingston – Policemans Point

The Glory

5th Jan 10; 6:15am(start)/12:45pm(finish)
95.7 km (dist); 3h 40m (saddle);
26.1 kph (av); 42.4 kph (max);
865.8 km (tot)

The day started with heavy mist, which precuded us from getting too involved with “the sundial of human involvement“. However, the Big Lobster on the way out of Kingston was worth a glance:

And then we saw something very interesting, a white rainbow:

In real life it looked much better. I think this is a “Glory”, a ring centred around your shadow, sun directly behind. The rising sun was very low in the sky perpendicular to the road to our right. The Glory took up a lot of the sky in the fog/mist to our left. I’ve seen this in planes around the plane shadow on the clouds, but I don’t think its so common to see it on the ground.

Playing a bit with the contrast you can just make out an inner darker ring (and cows in the back ground):

Next we come to:

And on cue the birds from Russia arrive:

At first the lagoon is a series of dry lakes (note James in distance):

The darker cracked “plates” at the edge look fiberous. Later we realized its a mat of compressed feathers. There must be times when there are a LOT of birds….

Lunch at Salt Creek:

Behind are packets of “Road Kill”, the Champange of Beef Jerky.

Picture wall of fishermens catches (well worth double clicking on this one):

And a few trophys on the outside wall:

Frank runs the Policeman Point Hotel as a one man show. Complains continuously and bitterly, but cooks a mean Coorong Mullet.

I could close with some Flann O’Brien / Third Policeman / Bicycle reference but leave you to contemplate (as I did) the wallpaper above the urinal.

Todays sign: Life’s good

more pics
more pics2

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One Response to day 11 Kingston – Policemans Point

  1. Wendy says:

    Honestly you are so clever Mark. You have uprighted my side on photos! (I couldn’t find any arrows!) Love Mum. I’m back to rereading and reliving the good fun!

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