day 12: Policemans Point – Wellington

The Mighty Murray

7th Jan 10; 6:10am(start)/11:40am(finish)
97.5 km (dist); 3h 56m (saddle);
24.8 kph (av); 46.5 kph (max);
963.3 km (tot)

After watching the hot days approach, the forecasts change from a pair of 39° days to a pair of 41° days and finally a 41°, 43°, 43°. However now they are coming a day later and we have our chance. Instead of a short rest day we do the next two planned days in one.

Lots more Coorong, but its all flat:

“Sorry. No fish today”

Orange Flowering gums at Meningie:

Water receeding from Lake Albert jettys:

Roadside Melons:

Caught the (free!) ferry across the mighty Murray River at Wellington:

Went for a swim. Water tastes pretty good to me, don’t know what Adelaide complains about.

todays sign: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby

more pics
more pics2

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