day 6: Byron – Wooyung

jewel of the north coast

16th Jan 11; 6:50am(dep)/11:00am(arr)
47.4 km (dist); 2h 21m (saddle);
20.1 kph (av); 54 kph (max);
353.6 km (tot)

The long ride in company had made companions of our minds and bodies. The hazardous goal was in our thoughts, day and night; consciously and unconsciously we were training ourselves; reducing our wills to the single purpose which oftenest engrossed these odd moments of talk about an evening fire. And we were so musing while the coffee-maker boiled up his coffee, tapped it down again, made a palm-fibre mat to strain it before he poured (grounds in the cup were evil manners), when there came a volley from the shadowy dunes east of us and one of the Ageyl toppled forward into the centre of the firelit circle with a screech.” 7POW;ch45

An early start in Bryon. At breakfast Scott explains the advantages of maintaining our cadence at iambic pentameter.

In a reversal of Steven Hawking theory, turtles are seen to be not holding up the world, but vice versa:

Mullumbimby 2nd breakfast (“Paddle harder, I hear banjos”):

This bridge is a lot trickier than it looks.

With cows like these, there must be a chocolate factory nearby:

Nice mailbox:

Wooyung, the only beach bush camp ground left on the NSW coast?

Lots of Water Dragons:

The beach looking north:

The beach looking south (Wendy & James):

The beach looking straight ahead (Ian):

Awad was a ragged, brown-skinned lad of perhaps eighteen, splendidly built, with the muscles and sinews of an athlete, active as a cat, alive in the saddle (he rode magnificently) and not ill-looking, though with something of the base appearance of the Sherarat…” 7POW; ch72.

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