VXE 2012

The 2012 season is upon us. We have representation among the 816 men’s teams:

  • The Nazgûl
  • Hoogerlanders

And representation among the 242 women’s teams:

  • The Nazgûlettes
  • Hoogerlanders
  • Kankinya

Key Team members:

The Nazgûl: Captained by Cadel, some big sky Brad & Cav, a bit of Thunder, and some Green Edge.
Hoogerlanders: Captained by Cadel, Johnny of course, Sagan, Boasson Hagen, and a Schleck sandwich with bit of Jens and a Green Edge.

The Nazgûlettes: Judith Arndt, Ina Teutenberg, Elizabeth Armitstead, Shara Gillow, Chloe Hosking.
Hoogerlanders (womens team): Emma Pooley, Nicole Cooke, Grace Verbeke, Giorgia Bronzini, Shara Gillow, Chloe Hosking
Kankinya: Emma Pooley, Giorgia Bronzini, Elizabeth Armitstead, Chloe Hosking.

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2 Responses to VXE 2012

  1. Mark says:

    Hellllo James,
    Yes, its here, low key, trying to fly under the radar (QLD is under lock-down at the moment). I am experimenting a bit, see also: http://xmasepic2012.blogspot.com.au/ I’d like to have a host that allows us to express the full range of our electronic gimmickery. I am seeing all bikes with GPS transponders and the DS (with her newly acquired iPad) looking at the map with blinking red lights (and suitable sonar “ping”) marking our current position.
    What is driving this? A deep “unhappiness” with vodafone. They have let us down 3 years in a row. I mean the satellites are up there already aren’t they? Time to opt out with some DIY communication. Lets just say its at the “research” stage.
    Meanwhile I’d like to point out that we have picked the MSR winner two years in a row! And yes, let the suggestions start flowing. There is a long bucket list of epics to be done (see “The List” top right), and realistically we only have about 25 more years to do them.

  2. 888riley says:

    I have just noticed the xmas epic 2012 website!!! Excellent!! I was wondering just yesterday when it would appear. I love the Lance picture … Man that guy could give scary stinkeye! I miss him so much I could cry!!

    Mark will you be taking public submissions on the 2012 epic – and obviously seeking advice from intelligence agencies – prior to route selection?

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