The Spring Classics – a summary

Simon Gerrans wins the Milan San Remo! For the second year in a row an Australian has won the longest one day race of the year, again beating Cancellara by a matter of centimeters.

Here Gerrans gets congratulated by Filippo Pozzato:

Pippo, being Italian, has untrammelled manhood to uphold.

..and has a big European carp on his back. But who are we to judge?

Anyhow, it’s about time for GreenEdge to step up with some ferocious victory salutes. Bernard Hinault could do it, seen here winning the 1981 Paris-Roubaix. The guy narrowly beaten is Roger de Vlaeminck the only winner of the Paris-Roubaix four times:

Until this year’s P-R edition which went to “our Tommke” who rode away from everyone, winning his 4th Paris-Roubaix and equalling Vlaeminck’s record. The only one in the picture:

And this was after he had won the Tour of Flanders the previous week. Pipping Pippo on the line.

This means that Boonan is officially BadAss

All the undue attention requiring constant remedial work.

The Spring Classics culminate in the classic Paris – Camembert:

The winners don’t get a rock, but a huge slab of cheese.
Pierre Luc Perichon from La Pomme Marseille. Who?

In other news:
Our VXE team The Nazgûl lie at a credible 422 out of 816 elite pro teams.
The quests for the ultimate coffee and the perfect tree for turning continue unabated. See right hand menu.

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One Response to The Spring Classics – a summary

  1. 888riley says:

    Wow … great post Mark. There is a lot going on here. First, the Paris – Camenbert caught my attention. Given they are using a large wheel of cheese for the front, doesn’t this race seem more swiss than French?

    As for Pippo, I have one thing to say: Bullshit. You’re a dick. Consider yourself judged.

    Gerrans …. you have to love a bloke in a GreenEdge/national jersey beating Cancellara (even though FC is one of my besties.)

    I also like to know who the chick grab-assing Tom Boonen is. And what are her prospects are.

    I watched most of the Paris-Roubaix and watched him ride away. I like his four-peat victory salute.

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