For the past few years when I’ve been riding on Anzac day, an F-111 has appeared floating above me. It has always taken me by surprise so I was waiting for it this year, but it didn’t happen… they’re gone.
Sure, a couple of FA-18s appeared on their way to their 10am rendezvous. But it wasn’t the same, they were moving briskly and appeared to know how to get from Amberley to the City. In previous years the F-111s have been following the M5 into the city, going so low and slow I imagined the pilot with a street directory open.

Riding along the bay we reach Redcliffe and were instead surprised to encounter a barrow man.

He was at the back of a very long parade. Anzac Avenue (I now know) runs 18km from Brisbane City to Bayside Redcliffe. Built by return service men after WW1 as a memorial avenue. It ends at the water’s edge in a massive complex of memorials. We are at the Anzac epicenter of Queensland. There was only one way around. We take to the beach.

Lots of stuff happening:

Sneaking past:

I wish I got photos of the Vietnam Vets in motorcycle jackets. Skulls with slouch hats like this:

We got to meet the leader of the parade. The riderless horse with empty reversed boots. A tradition said to date from Genghis Khan, popularised by funerals of American presidents starting with Lincoln. AWM: The Lone Charger.

Onya mate.

Anzacs and bikes:

…the Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) 0.303 calibre rifles, having the option of either attaching it to the down tube of their bike or swung across their back.
-from the War Memorial.

Meanwhile back in Turkey, even in 2012, there were still a couple of Australians battling it out.

Mark Renshaw just beats Matt Harley Goss (by 0.001 sec) in the Tour of Turkey.
Tour of Turkey, Stage 4, 25th of April, how fitting.

In local news, Robbie McEwen turned up at Round 2 of the 2012 Queensland Road Series as a a guest rider for the “Erdinger Alkoholfrie – Downer EDi Mining” Team. He won the race which was on roads around Boonah, familiar (but drier) to those of the 2010 epic.

Incidently, we missed a golden opportunity on the last day of the 2010 ride. We must have actually ridden right past Robbie’s Espresso Bar “Piccolo” at Miami.

Yeah, even headless, you can tell its Robbie. Get one from RMC: “Robbie McEwen Cycling” You can also get some Robbie McEwen anti-friction cream.

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2 Responses to ANZAC Day

  1. 888riley says:

    Renshaw!!! Would love to see him get a stage win at TdF. And robbie’s last race coming up in the next few weeks isn’t it?

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