Le Tour – first indications

What have we learnt so far in this year’s Tour?

Sagan. A revelation. His first Tour and he has won three stages already. He has no fear of taking on the big names.

Stage 1: Sagan. Cancellara was in yellow having won the prologue. The Spartacus fans were out in force:

Sagan blew him off at the end of the stage. In a return to traditional values, the victory salute takes center stage as Sagan performs a version of the chicken dance.

Stage 2: Cavendish. Still the fastest man on the planet for raw speed.
“Get to the back of the line, Greipel.” However, the Manx Man opens himself up to criticism by offering a below par victory salute.

Stage 3: Sagan. At the end of the stage he sprints away from everyone and has so much time he could have mimed Hamlet, but after crossing himself he pulls off an audacious “running man”.

The purists are noting the nod to Robbie.

You can only do this move in a green jersey. To really appreciate how perfectly this was executed watch this:


Stage 4: Greipel.
What’s that tattoo on Greipel’s forearm? His two daughters Anna and Luna:

Stage 5: Greipel Two-peat

Stage 6: Sagan Does the Incredible Hulk
Again you can only do this in green. Apparently he sits with friends the night before a stage discussing victory salutes for the next day. All class, a new talent is born.

Where’s Gossy? He’s been up there with a 3rd (stage 2), a 4th (stage 4), a 2nd (stage 5) and a 3rd (stage 6). He’s currently running 2nd in the green jersey competition behind Sagan.
By the way, Sagan is also like Robbie in that he is ex-BMX and likes to pop a wheelie. Here he is a few years ago as a youth in Slovakia trying to land a Red Bull contract.

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