Le Tour – UK Postal

Being Padrone of the Peloton has it’s own responsibilities, including the designation of who is a fucking wanker and who is not. Brad stepped up this week when rumors of doping appeared at Team Sky’s performance. “Cunts” he elaborated when asked.

We’ll get there, but first let’s recap:
Stage 7 Froome

Incredible stage with an amazing mountain top finish. Cadel makes a late move, Chris Froome dances past. A climbing stick insect.

Some time later, Sagan arrives:
What a guy. What’s there not to like? Still studying the “How to be like Robbie” manual.

Stage 8: Thibaut Pinot
“What do you say to the cynics who think that you have to be doped up to win the Tour de France?” Wiggins replied. “They are just fucking wankers. I cannot be doing with people like that. It justifies their own bone-idleness because they can’t ever imagine applying themselves to anything in their lives. It’s easy for them to sit under a pseudonym on Twitter rather than get off their arses in their own life and apply themselves and work hard at something and achieve something, and that’s ultimately it. Cunts!”

Later the Tan Man lobs him a please explain. He’s not afraid to ask the hard journalistic questions (or wear purple velvet jackets).

Stage 9: Wiggins
Time-trial. Wiggins 1, Froome 2. Wiggins is fastest, Froome is strongest. Sky is untouchable. Press conference: no doping questions allowed. Shades of Lance, different C-word.

Stage 10: Voeckler
Totally spent. A classic Jens Voigt breakaway.

Stage 11: Pierre Rolland
Tough day in the office for Cav.

Stage 12: David Millar
The sprint for 6th. Goss penalised 30 points. Sagan: Never liked him.

Stage 13: Greipel over Sagan
Dang, I’m loosing count.

Yeah: we’re Australians. We dig things up. If you’d only let us win a stage we’d show you the Orica victory salute.

Stage 14: Luis Leon Sanchez
Cadel gets 3 Punctures. Wiggins becomes “Le Gentleman”, slowing the peloton.

Stage 15: Pierrick Fédrigo – What: another Frenchman?
Meanwhile in the audience.

Robert Millar’s take:
“Speculation on what former Rabobank doctor Leinders role is or was, or stuff like the remoteness from the testers of the [Team Sky] Mount Tiede training camps, the metamorphosis of Wiggins, the emergence of Froome, the revival of Rogers and Porte is all just speculation. The fact is you will never know, you can only hope.”

Roll on the Pyrenees!

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One Response to Le Tour – UK Postal

  1. Nicole says:

    That cunt pic is brilliant!! Got your blog from your brother! Love the pics and comments. Voekler is looking amazing tonight. Hope you are up enjoying the stage! UK Postal is soooo right, they are strangely strong and unwaivering. What’s up with Frank as well?? Lookin forward to your comments!

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