Best of 3. Race 1: Vicky crosses the line. Relegated.

Race 2: Cat and mouse.

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5 Responses to Anna

  1. ducatiboy says:

    Love that that series of shots! Especially the starter’s gun

  2. 888riley says:

    Just saw it on a replay. Brilliant. Watched it during second breakfast at Blighty.

    • Mark says:

      I love the reflections in their visors, Anna’s looking straight down her arms directly ahead, Victoria looking across to Anna. Two cycling giants that happen to be at their peak at the same time. I heard Anna Meares on the radio this morning: “You couldn’t hear it from the crowd noise, but as I entered the last corner I started screaming…”

  3. There must be an optimum height for this type of rider. They are all the same height.

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