And just in case all you haters have forgotten what an American hero looks like, I’ve dug up a couple of old pictures of Armstrong:

Can you imagine taking that step!

OK, let’s play picture association:

Meanwhile, the complex web of Armstrong business connections are about to become more simplified (more details).

In other doping news, startling connections are being made over at the Two Johns site:

Dear Two Johns,
Long time listener, first time emailer.
I am convinced that Vinokourov is Rolf from the Sound of Music. I mentioned this to my wife whilst watching this movie with her and she thought I was crazy and proceeded to get mad at me for always bringing cycling into every conversation we have. How can we be sure that Vino is Vino and not some child movie star or descendant thereof, perhaps he’s a vampire and will never age, which would explain his blood doping suspension a few years back. Just look at them. They look IDENTICAL.
Robbie Canuck

(Email me if you want to read my poems)

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5 Responses to Armstrong

  1. 888riley says:

    Wow! An eco-cycling-poet-tatt mash-up!! Brilliant! Seems so obvious now that I see the vision … Surely he can now add ‘warrior’?

  2. Nicole says:

    brilliant! not much more to say is there? On a more positive note, have you seen stage 18 of next years TDF???? SICK!!!!

    • Mark says:

      Yes, yes, yes! Stages 17-20 will make a great finish. I guess for the 100th they wanted something special. Let’s look to the future. They’re already calling it a “Tour of Renewal”

      • Anonymous says:

        yup, good on them. i’m pumped….. trying to save my pennies to get over for the alps stages for 2013… (and less TT’s thank god!) Froome will be hard to beat.

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