EPIC Merchandise

This year’s Xmas Epic merchandising options caused me much angst and sleepless nights. I first decided on a custom range of Cipollini undergarments based on his skinsuits. However, a brief Google search left me mentally reeling and grappling for any alternative.

My next thought was for some EPIC cycling socks. However, current uncertainty in UCI rulings on sock height would potentially leave us in an embarrassing position in the peloton if we were caught short (or long). That, and the fact that the weave caused problems at our Chinese screen-printing factories.

So, it looks like we will be following last year’s items: T-shirts and espresso cups.

Here we see this year’s specially reinforced espresso cups. Cassie provided the usual strict quality control, inspecting the range before the final firing.

Note that this year’s theme is “Abdou”, our patron drug cheat from Uzbekistan: Djamolidine Abdoujaparov. “We carry your name like a 531 frame”. Full bio here. And as usual it is only in our togetherness do our espresso mugs have any meaning. It’s a metaphor.
(Although I have just noticed that Mitchell has rearranged them to spell “lame dad”)

Unfortunately, this limits us to a squadra of 12 (zwölf), so…….first in. first served. The most sought after letter combinations are going fast. Available letters here.

There are two styles: A thinner walled, more up-right, feminine, style “A” and a chunkier, sloping, manly, style “B”.
Cassie’s careful to show no preference, she’s a professional. And she’s a dog. I know which style I’m picking.

As in previous years, these exclusive and limited edition mugs serves as ride entry, costing $100 each*.

Some of the finest Bangladeshi T-shirts have now also been sourced and will soon become available on these pages. There is also rumour of an Epic Beer. This is one Epic you don’t want to miss.

*Limited to one per person, The $100 is redeemable for $100 worth of accommodation. Purchases by those not coming on the trip would result in an expensive coffee cup.

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3 Responses to EPIC Merchandise

  1. Mal says:

    It’s the little decisions that are so difficult to make. Let it B E for me. Or if that mug has gone, then V D with pride and a dose of penicillin.

  2. Nicole says:

    I want an expensive cup

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