Abdoujaparov has a posse

Recall Frank Vandenbroucke who on the eve of the 2009 epic, died of natural causes age 34 (surrounded by syringes and cycling medications). He has a posse.

Jens Voigt also has a posse.

Now Djamolidine Abdoujaporov has a posse:

What do VDB, Jens and Abdou have in common besides a posse? That’s right, none have tested positive for doping (well Abdou has, but it was just a bit of clen).

And they are subjects of a viral meme that started with Andre the Giant:

and morphed into

and many others things:

Back to our posse:Note that there is an Ochre, Green and Red jersey.

Looks good from the back:

and front:

Make sure that you’ve reserved one here!

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One Response to Abdoujaparov has a posse

  1. Nicole says:

    reserve for me! do you have a team car shirt???

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