Full Disclosure – Inspiration – Insanely Anatomical

Now that the bulk of you have committed time, monies and reputation to this endeavour, there are certain unfortunate facts to reveal. Firstly, I draw your attention to Day 3 in the profile:

(Sharp intake of breath…) Yes, it’s our friend The Great Dividing Range. (But this time with no pub half way up.)

Oh, and BTW Miranda, that red T-Shirt you wanted? Well, the Lanterne Rouge was not shameful enough so on the front there is a diagram of a FIXIE model kit. You’re pretty much branded wearing this one.

What replaces the T-shirt of Shame? Luckily the Viner project has led to the acquisition of this Epic plastic pie plate:

A mouse clicking mishap also saw me acquiring a truly Epic Topeak saddle bag. This is how Cassie wears it:

This is how Henry the 8th would wear it.

I’m not going to show you how the Viner would wear it. Because it isn’t going to happen. It’s not compatible with the word svelte.

(I have 100’s of photos of the new build, but one will have to do. *email me if you want me send you some of my Viner pics).

Speaking of pathetic on-line behaviour, I like many others, go to Facebook just to find out the results of the worlds biggest computers crunching the numbers on you and presenting you with customised advertising. It’s disturbing. Advertising doesn’t normally work with me, but when I noticed an ad for Rapha’s “Circle of Death” cycling jersey, I realize that I’m pretty much helpless before such a directed onslaught.

Yeah, Rapha cut their teeth on Epic black and white photography, but it’s the words that really get to you. I almost weep:

A luxury jersey made from a merino-rich technical fabric for comfort and performance. It celebrates the infamous Circle of Death, the loop of Pyrenean mountains that contains the Col d’Aubisque and the mighty Col du Tourmalet – all of which feature on the route of this year’s Etape Acte II, Pau-Luchon. The jersey has a slim cut, with side panels for a superior fit, while the slightly longer arms and fine-ribbed cuffs are a nod to classic – and highly collectable – racing shirts.”
Arrggh!, They know me much better than I do myself. Quick, where do I click?

And then there is Pearl Izumi, a Japanese company giving me some Rising Sun advertising. Tora! Tora! Tora!

Apparently there has been some sort of 4D chamois breakthrough:
And you have to love the Japanese use of the English language, but do you really want to click on getahappyass.com? (OK, I did, but the link has been abandoned).

However, the 4D chamois breakthrough has lead to insanely anatomical fits:

Because you want those road scars clearly defined.

OK, back to the trip. So far, there have been no suggestions for route changes. My only suggestion would be for 3 days to Narooma for the Post-Epic Epilogue instead of 2. The unavoidable ~40 km Moruya-Narooma Prince’s Hwy stretch is probably best done early morning, not at the end of a long day from Araluan.

Also, as we meet from disparate parts of Sydney, make sure you join the correct cycle tour. There is another bike tour from Two Wheels Tours that also starts on the 27th Dec from Sydney. However, this one will cost you $6450.
Where do they go? Just doodling around Sydney, Wollongong one day. Our path may cross…

James has already pre-ridden this part of our route on the Gong ride.

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2 Responses to Full Disclosure – Inspiration – Insanely Anatomical

  1. Wendy Riley says:

    Moruya to Narooma on Pacific hway sounds a bit awful. The Dalmeny – Narooma bike track built with 100s of our raffle tickets is finished I believe so that will be a bit of a relief (with Anton’s refreshments opposite the dog beach available)

  2. Svenhills says:

    Having seen Henry VIII’s codpiece in the flesh, as it were, i don’t think the Topeak saddle bag would cut the mustard, so to speak.

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