The people over at Velominati (keepers of the cog) have a great series of “casually deliberate” photos. The above is a good example. Eddy relaxing before a race. The bike resting on the back of your wrist, cranks well-drilled, in the big-ring and accurately aligned. tick. tick. tick.

The whole term: “casually deliberate” can be best summarized as “the ability to remain tranquillo after you have inhaled a wasp”. To be cool under extreme pressure.

Except if your bike lets you down on a mountain. Then you’re allowed to go berserk and kick it to death:
van Impe

Here are some more casually deliberate:
Cross-eyed soigneur with bow-tie, steadying Rene Pottier, 1906 TdF winner. Shepherd hats, heroic mustaches, polo neck jersey. You can just tell they’re both doped to the gills.

Aviator goggles on the elbow, tubular bandoliers, comb. I think it’s Sting.

Hinault and Lemond just about to launch an attack, what a couple!

Closer to home: Kim n Lu!

There are other sorts of awesome: Style! And just look at that back mudguard clearance.

I don’t know where this is, but we need to go there:

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