The Journey has started…

We are all on a journey. Life. Truth. Beauty. Innocence. Impunity….

…but if you look closely at the above idyllic scene, you will sense a deep unsettling undertone. Yes, the infestation is spreading:

This sort of thing use to upset me immensely. Why? why? why? I am riding. I don’t want to have to try and understand this…

But now I take it as an annual sign that merely tells me the Epic is coming soon.

The river ride takes us through some “smugness” suburbs. And then quite suddenly you cross an invisible border and you enter normalland. We usually subconsciously quicken our pace through the infected areas, but this morning we stop for a closer look.

Personally I think it looks better doused in petrol:

And with a light spray of hair product:

That’s much better:
But when the ground starts burning, its time to skedaddle. Another training ride in the bag. K’s in the legs. Hope you’re enjoying your epic preparation as much as we are.

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3 Responses to The Journey has started…

  1. Mal says:

    That’s the spirit Mark, ’tis the season ….

    I happened into my LBS yesterday to learn many new and wonderous things. You know those tassles you can get to come out of your handlebars? They don’t sell them for Oppys.

    Importantly, I picked up some bike boxes that I will convey to Carwoola should anyone want them.

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