The Taper

sinterklaas_zwarte_pietTapering your training. Mythical and ephemeral. Too much training and it’s a disaster, too little and it might be … just right. How little is too little? Everyone is different. We can only try to guide you.

Some tell you it’s all in the mind, that one must be tranquillo and make peace with the inner demons:

Others will say it is in the legs (are your tan lines sharp enough?):
ZBoyz1Only you know your preparation.

Intimate deodorant (trust me, you DO need it):

This is how it’s done:

Do have a plan for your emergency carbohydrates?

Think big:

Need espresso cup backup?
Cups“…the internal curvature of the cups has been shaped to ensure the perfect pour, a feature that will also enhance the aroma of the coffee. The cups have an ergonomic handle, making them extremely comfortable to hold, and a lip shaped for the best possible ‘mouth feel’…. ” – you just can’t make this sort of stuff up. Rapha is offering a set of two for only $65.

Do the sunglasses go over or under the helmet straps? There are rules about this (see #37 here) but I always forget. Safest way out is to just get rid of the ears:noEars

I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like:

Is your bike fully pimped? Some suggestions:

If you know Elvish script, this is great: “One rim to rule them all…”

If not, you can always tweak the cycling gear. Go the full devil:

Or (and this is a tough one to successfully pull off) the “angel riding on clown with wings” get-up:


Momentum is your friend…

Gravity sucks.
Skin grows back…

Quitting is forever.
It doesn’t get any easier…

You just go faster.
Shut up legs…

Tomorrow we ride.


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imagesIf you have read this far, you have arrived. See you all next week!

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One Response to The Taper

  1. 888riley says:

    Great stuff, really looking forward to it …

    and WOW that rapha cup looks good!

    oh yes, and another thing, is that a pet va-jayjay?

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