2012 Day 1

Bundeena – Fairy Meadow: Fleeing the Shire
2012-12-27 13.42.00Dist: 63.4km; Climb: 921m; Ave Spd: 19.3 km/h

The timing was tight. Instead of everyone leaving from the one location, we converge from 6 places to the 8:30 Cronulla ferry Most of us find each other on the same train. A tricky 2 minute connection between trains lines at Town Hall was negotiated by jumping out of the train with the bikes and running around trying to find the correct platform before being told we have got off one station too early. Nevertheless and notwithstanding when the dust was settled and count the numbers on the ferry, we find that there is one too many of us, as Andrew Norton makes a surprise appearance. We arrive:Ferry
Scott wipes off the salt air from his new bottom bracket.
Steve helps a handicapped rider:

And we are off (if you’re going to Canberra best wear a cardie):Cardie

Running repairs in the RNP:RNP_repairs

Stanwell Tops:StanwellTops1

These guys are always there:StanwellTops

The Royal National Park. The coastal cliffs. The suburban bikepaths. Somehow we make it to our luxurious cabins.

Part of the support crew:

The damage done on the day:
Natalie has a unclipping incident:
Malcolm goes off road:

The T-shirt presentation. Customers happy: EpicTShirt
Lashings of pasta and beer for dinner. 5:00 am mornings and 6:00 am starts (aspirational) for the next 5 days.

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One Response to 2012 Day 1

  1. nicole says:

    good start, pics look amazing!

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