2012 Day 2

Fairy Meadow – Berry: BlueSteel City
On a bike tour it usually takes a few days to settle into “surreal”, but by day two we were there:PindFloydDist: 82.0 km; Climb: 1090m; Ave Spd: 15.7 km/h; Total Dist: 145.4 km

Miranda expresses early outrage at an unprovoked comment:Aghast

The peloton departs 6:15 amDay2Depart

Who would have thought that Steel City could be so pretty?
And interesting. Guided via GPS through the Illawarra bike paths. This is where they make Widgets:Widgets
This is a tank full of GreenEdge:
Here is a steam shovel that can be controlled over the internet to move massive concrete blocks:SteamShovel
Then we ride into a Pink Floyd album cover:
Totally awesome! talk about Non-Ephemeral Art, these blocks have been around since WWII. A clicking frenzy ensues:HappySnaps
Nishiki Cresta:NishikiCresta
Synapse (Feminine):Synapse
Vulcan (It is a little known fact that much of Egyptian numerology is based on the tetrahedron and the seat tube angle):SeatTubeAngle
Also note that the colour for this year’s Vulcan flower is orange:Vulcan
And a glorious Malvern Star:TheGlory
You just have to imagine the “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” soundtrack.PiperAtTheGatesOfDawn

We continue south along the bike paths. A “grease-mark of shame” is noticed:GreaseMarkofShame

Lunch at Kiama:LunchKiama

The local bike shop does well: two tyres and a seat post.Repairs

After a brief squiz at the blow-hole, it’s time for the optional Kiama-Gerrigong cliff-walk (“How hard can it be?”)HowHardCanItBe

Everyone found it pretty hard…
except for the young dudes:TheYoungOnes

At the end there is a stye…TrackEnd

and the beach to negotiate:TrackEnd2

How is it that this photo shows no traffic?? The road into Berry was bad.BeachRdToBerry
Woosh is the sound the peloton makes as we pass this point:BeachRdToBerry2

Suddenly we are relaxing at the showgrounds amoungst the Winnabagos. Jasper has either developed very cool tan-lines or impressive road-grime:TanLine
Mark goes for Tiger stripe tanlines, to offset his sunburn swollen ankles:SunBurn
James, a nice return for a day invested on the bike:MerkinMould

A huge re-fuel at the Berry Pub. The publican “Boof” says he’s rung ahead to Nerriga Pub to arrange our accommodation out the back. We are dubious but buy up the raffle tickets. Malcolm wins 2nd prize in the raffle! In the coming days that toilet paper is worth its weight in gold:Hamper2
Tomorrow is a crunch day as we attack The Great Dividing Range with a destination campsite that even the locals don’t know about.

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  1. Mark says:

    New photos from James (days 1,2,4)

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