2012 Day 4

Endrick River – Tarago. Through the Badlands
999: the number of the anti-beastNumberOfTheAntiBeast
Dist: 57.3 km; Climb: 664 m; Ave Spd: 20.5 km/h; Total Dist: 288.4 km

We start going past the Nerriga Pub…NerrigaPub
…pausing for a definitive Mal “chopper” Kelly photo.MalChopperKelly

It’s pretty isolated:PrettyIsolated

The farmers don’t like Pig Shooters: PigHuntersWillBeShot

The Pig Shooters value their dogs:PigDog2

We cross the Shoalhaven again at Ollanford:OllanFord

We while away the time in a mass rock throwing competition that Andy wins convincingly.
(Someone must have a pic to go here)

The road winds…Road

..and twists…

…like a William Robinson Painting:WilliamRobinson

Portable flower beds:WheelBarrows

Big Termite Mound:TermiterMound

A few corrugations on the 2 km stretch of dirt:Corrugations

Riding on the limit:ShutUpLegs

And then we are there at the “Loaded Dog” hotel:2012-12-31 06.14.50

Joined by Corrie, Jack, Steve and Dianne in time for another monster meal:InLoadedDog

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