2012 Day 5

Tarago – Carwoola. Monaro CountryBicycles_QMDist: 59.3 km; Climb: 773 m; Ave Spd: 21.3 km/h; Total Dist: 347.7 km

Nothing better than reading a cycling book on the wide verandah of an old Australian pub. Unfortunately we have to leave the “Dog”:LoadedDog2

Who are we waiting for?Waiting

Tarago is tiny, but shows style. A dracula-motorbike-petrol-tank-mailbox with Helmet Hair, quite unusual:TaragoPostBox

These are more common:Tarago

Quick visit to Jan’s place:Annaliese_Jack

Staring down the Alpaca:JansAlpaca

Then we are finished. The Carwoola tree:CarwoolaTree

Imitating William Robinson again:Bill Robinson_1

Lots to talk about:End

Lots to eat:dinner2_

And suddenly it’s New Year* (*adjusted 2 hrs for cycle time):NYE

Lulu caught going ballistic over the sparklers:Lulu

That’s it for 2012!

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