2012 Aftermath

All too soon its 2013!
Pyramids at dawn (Egypt is over-rated). Sorry, I like this. We needed a group photo!

Some Epic statistics: 2012 was the biggest (12 riders; 3 support) in numbers and smallest in duration (5 days) and distance (348 km). An additional 4 epic supporters joined us for the last day.
As a sign of the times there has not a single camera seen (apart from Scott on the first day, where I heard “click; oh, its full”); a mobile phone in the back pocket now seems easier.

Thanks to the Support Crew who kept us safe and counted off all 12 starting riders at the end:


Thanks to Scott for organizing the accommodation: $95 pp for 5 days is not bad!
Thanks to Glen & Wendy for putting up and feeding everyone on the last day.
And thanks for everyone that contributed all the various Christmas leftovers / other contributions / donations; too numerous to itemise. There was lots of other behind the scenes stuff that people picked up on, thanks guys. That’s it!

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2 Responses to 2012 Aftermath

  1. stevecycle says:

    Huge thanks to all the organisers, support crew and fellow riders for a thoroughly enjoyable epic 2012. Special thanks to Mark for also publishing the memories in his entertaining style.

  2. Kathy says:

    Most enjoyable travelogue, especially for one who will remember being part of it, albeit in comfort.

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