A new season, white smoke (its an old white man), la classica di Primavera, get on your mfb!

This is how close we came to a sensational new Sagan victory salute.

The season started with a bang with the first Monument: Milan – San Remo.

“La classica di Primavera”: the Spring Classic. it’s 104 years old.

Steeped in Euro history.
At 298 km it is the longest one day race in the whole wide world (since Melbourne-Warrnambool has started further outside Melbourne). So long, that it has special dispensation to exceed the UCI maximum distance of 250 km.

In 1910 due to terrible weather, only four finished after 12 and a half hours.
Full story here.

In 1946 Fausto Coppi was leading by so much time he stopped at this cafe, ordered, paid for and drank an espresso before continuing:
What a guy! Full story here

Eddy Merckx won it 7 times. Here he is in 1976:

Arguably Cipo’s biggest win was here in 2002:
Cor Vos Archives

Seriously, is this guy of this planet?

And who can forget that amazing Cavendish sprint in 2009, where he broke the heart of Heinrich Haussler. Cavendish will always win a screaming contest within 200 metres of the finish:
100e Milano - Sanremo part 2

More recently the first Tasmanian to win in 2011.

An Australian National Jersey wins in 2012

Unfortunately this year the first “Spring” classic was cut short due to snow. No matter, one must take advantage of SBS coverage even if it means falling asleep before the end.

The winner in the first photo is the German: Gerald Cioleka. Again history being made, this year marking the first that a Gerald has won the MSR.

We all get inspiration where we can, and the following does it for me.

“Got no gears so you best not dis me
yeah bitch, it’s a motherfuckin fixie
Critical Mass is a Facebook “like”
I’m on a motherfucking bike”


Get the t-shirt here.
blog here.


Hang on, that’s Sagan right?

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