Lance who?


As Lance continues to work through his issues, the rest of the world is also grappling with the aftermath. Let’s get it over with. I’ll work through it with you and then we’ll be able to move on “once and for all”.

To recap, Lance rose from being a lowly triathlete:

Then gained sponsorship from the Richardson Bike Mart:
(The Richardson Bike Mart reasoned decision here).

BTW, It’s only just around the corner from this place: 1219 Ridgeway Dr:

And rose to the loftiest heights of a Bono BFF:

It’s interesting to compare affectations in the above pic. Bono wears tinted sunglasses because his eyes are acutely sensitive to sunlight.

Lance wears(wore?) a yellow bracelet to promote Live(Arm?)strong.

Michael Jackson wore a white glove because of a rare skin condition.

Peter Fitzsimmons wears a red bandanna because …??

Lance balanced on the pinnacle of fame for years, fending off suspicion and innuendo.

(“What am I on? I’m on my bike, busting my ass 6 hours a day, what are you on?”)




Even when outed:

He was impossible to bring down.
lance armstrong god

Did he fly too high?

Then the news broke:

Bono had long cut his ties:

Others started cutting their livestrong bands off:

The whole Southpark episode is entertaining:

The pro peloton expressed “shock, surprise”.

So how do we objectively quantify his fall? Big? These days, we need metrics.

“Back in the day” a livestrong bracelet would bring:

Lately its been:

Or other “gold-standard” indicator, the Weeties box:

Check it out, in mint condition. And now you can’t sell it, even unopened and full of cereal:

An inside look at the good ol’ US Postal days in a Kevin Livingston home movie of the 1999 Tour: Bruyneel, Hincape listening to music, Betsy Andreu with baby, Lance swearing at the French, Emma O’Reilly, Tyler Hamilton with a beer. It’s amazing footage. All fresh-faced innocence, although in hindsight at 5:10 when a team doctor asks “Are you tired today?”, Livingston laughs and says “I’ll call you”, it sounds kind of sinister.

LivingstonLink to the video here. It’s sad. Bye bye Lance.

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3 Responses to Lance who?

  1. ducatiboy says:

    The gum tree’s gone…

  2. Mal says:

    does anyone else find 1219 Ridgeway Drive … plain? Sort of undistinguished?

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