TdF stage 3

GerransGerrans won his 2nd TdF stage and Orica-Green Edge’s first by just edging out Sagan after a great lead-out from Daryl Impey.

But it was close! Right after the finish, neither he nor Sagan knew who won.
But you would have to think that Sagan must have been running a victory salute through his head and that would have cost him.

The Simon Gerrans Story:
Aussie legend, end of story.

Simon was a wayward youth into motorbikes and inevitably crashed and buggered up his knee. His next door neighbour lent him a bike to ride as part of the rehabilitation. If your neighbour looked like this, you’d pay close attention wouldn’t you? (While slowly backing away)
But the thing is, Mr Anderson was totally unknown in Australia. At least until The Matrix franchise started.
smith(Wait, that’s agent Smith, right?)

Anyhow, it turns out that Simon’s neighbour was a former Yellow Jersey wearer, Phil Anderson, who started coaching Simon and the rest is history. (2xHST, 2xTDU, MSR, NRR, + stage wins in all 3 Grand Tours)

If you have a spare 8 minutes, take a ride up Lake Mountain with Phil & Simon:

Goodbye Corsica, it looks like a great place to ride:
Chapeau indeed:

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