TdF stage 6

Andre “The Gorilla” Greipel brought the sprinters in, beating Sagan and Cavendish to the line.

Cavendish, who has a special relationship with Greipel, was not impressed. Crashed 34 km out, struggled back into the lead group.
After losing, straight into the team bus. The Omega Pharma’s DS Brian Holm admitted that Cavendish went “ballistic” and said that it was best to avoid the team’s fiery star rider at such moments.
I just heard him yelling inside the bus but I don’t know what about. I think nobody can understand him when he’s yelling. Nobody has a clue what he’s saying.

Greipel’s lead-out man is NZ Greg Henderson. His take (via cyclingtips):
I said to Greipel before the sprint, ‘If you need a jump, just lay off my wheel one bike length and kick into my slipstream.’ It was a hard sprint today and I said to him ‘I’m gonna have to go from 500m, and it’s slightly uphill with a little bit of a headwind. So just lay off my wheel before you accelerate. That’ll give you another 2km/hr on Cav before he starts his sprint’. That’s exactly what he did.

Yellow Jersey? Still with OGE, but now with Daryl Impey. The first African to wear the Yellow Jersey.DarylImpey

Impey & Gerrans are roomies, so they arranged this swap-over:

Meanwhile, Gerro is laying down the next OGE music video to be released soon:Gerro

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