TdF stage 8

Tour de France 2013 stage-8 Christopher (soon to be Sir) Froome looked a picture of elegance as he crossed the line of stage 8 alone in an extraordinarily fast time, essentially winning the 2013 Tour de France. What to do with the rest of July that I had set aside?

He and team mate Richie Porte (0:54) lead closest rival Valverde (unrepentant doper) (1:08) on the stage. The Sky performance variously hailed as “incredible”, “unbelievable” and “not of this planet”.

I don’t know what to say. Christopher explains that you can have 100% confidence in these results: “I think if people got more of a look into that they would see that work equals these results and it’s not something that’s so wow, so unbelievable. It does actually add up if you look and see what actually goes into this.

Putting this ride into context, the Ax-5-Domaines climb at the end was the 3rd fastest time ever in the TdF:
Ax_3_DomainesLots of analysis will appear here.


Cadel lost over 4 minutes: “Injuries and health problems aside, surely today was the worst performance in my Tour career.
Tour de France 2013 stage-8

Richie Porte looking comfortable:
Tour de France 2013 stage-8

Pretty much everyone else seemed to have a bad day. Contador uncomfortable (1:45), Schleck gone (3:34), Hesjedal exploded (8:15), van Garderen exploded (12:15).

The second African to pull on the Yellow Jersey – a couple of days after the first:Tour de France 2013 stage-8

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