TdF stage 15

Christopher Froome goes hoppity hop.
Hoppity hop.

I wish he’d stop.
Froome is a seriously scary person. He is very tall, and I’m trying to imagine what he’d look like if he ever straightened his arms. I’m thinking of the bicycle that flew over La Manche: The Glossamer Albatross. Here it is:
748px-Gossamer_cabin(Height: 4.88 m; Wingspan: 29.77 m; yep that’s him)

Plus he has this aggressive manner:
The stage had the iconic climb up Mont Ventoux at the finish. Imagine forcing your way through a crowd 3x the MCG capacity on the slopes:

So iconic that they’ve erected a giant syringe on the building at the top.
Go figure.

So who came second? The little guy tagging along:
Nairo Quintana. I like him. He’s leading the Young Riders classification, and looks twelve. Even on the podium steps the girls have to bend down.

Anything else happen? Well in the first hour the average speed was 48 km/hr, in the second 50.5 km/hr. Sagan got in the breakaway (because he could) to make sure of getting the 20 sprint points on offer after 220 km at the base of the mountain. Job done, he pops a wheelie on the 10% gradient in front of the peloton catching up.

He then waved as the peloton swallowed him, much like Schwartzeneger in Terminator 2 as he lowered himself to be swallowed by a vat of molten metal.
yeah, that one:

Which kinda makes sense if you remember his bike last year:

But kinda doesn’t when you look at this years bike.

Too many late nights? Yeah.

I suddenly realised that this is Lemond shaking hands with Froome. On the podium.
Wow, I’m genuinely shocked. Could this all be real??? And I just found this commentary from Kimmage: “What will it take for us to make that leap of faith again?

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