TdF stage 17

I don’t know, some guy called Froome (who?) won the stage 17 Individual Time Trial.

You know times are tough when you have to bring your own bottle:

The TT was also pretty tough: a 35 km course with 2 climbs and “technical” (=”sketchy”) descents.
Jean-Christophe Peraud was the highest place French rider. During a practice run in the morning he crashed and broke his collarbone. The break remained in place and, even though (or because) he had the weight of France on his shoulders, so he decided to ride.

Oh, no, oww, oww, yikes, same shoulder. No – don’t get up. Please. It’s a bit like Roman Polanski’s “The Tenant” (4.5 rotten tomatoes btw). Just stay down.

It was a key stage of the Tour. They go in reverse GC order, so Froome was last to go. Half way through it started raining.

Yeah, but then it stopped raining and (with his marginal gains) Froomie won anyway.

Cadel came in 167th, 8:04 down. To put that in perspective, he was even slower than Andy Schleck. But he has a plan. Cadel’s diary:
I participated as an observer today, checking the others equipment choices and sometimes bike changes. Taking it ‘easy’, maybe a little too easy – I’m not experienced at this(!) – loosing time and saving energy for possibilities in the next few days…
The possibilities are that he is no longer a GC threat and is allowed to get into a break. Cadel’s riding for a stage win.

And I think it’s coming up tonight. The double climb of Alpe d’Huez. This is the one.

Oh, and Contador is now winning the race (for second).

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