TdF stage 19

RuiCostaRui Costa soloed through the rain after attacking from 66 km out, to win his 2nd stage.

And by the way, yes, that is a blue “Bike Pure” bracelet he is wearing.
Chris Froome has also been aligned with the organisation, but his bio was recently removed from the Bike Pure web site prior to the TdF 2013 due to lack of transparency. The reasons given here.

It was the year’s toughest stage; >200 km, >5000m ascent:

Cadel faded:
And came in 155th (from 170 finishers).

Jack Bauer didn’t finish, face-first into a barbed wire fence.

BTW, that’s the New Zealander:

Not the Keifer Sutherland TV character:

(Although… American, gun, what a unique combination, that’s worth a tattoo…)

Hesjedal took the aviators for a spin and led the stage until about km 140, when he exploded and plummeted back through the peloton and out the other side until eventually finishing 31 minutes down:

Condator still winning 2nd place. Nairo still the best young rider:
I asked my computer “What the hell is the stuffed animal that is won with the white jersey?”.
It couldn’t tell me, clearly showing the limitations of the internet. It will never catch on.

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