TdF stage 21

In the Paris twilight, Marcel Kittel breaks Cavendish’s strangle-hold on the Champ Elysées.

In sprinters terms it wasn’t even that close, both Cavendish and Greipel gave it their best shot:

Cavendish must have been gutted. All quiet on the Twitter front, which is probably for the best. That’s, what, four stages for Kittel? And six stage wins for Chermany?

The end of the Tour de France is one of those cases where EVERYONE gets a medal. But it’s one of the few cases where everyone deserves one. Even lanterne rouge Svein Tuft (Orica-Greenedge).

For a start it gets you invites to parties. All living tour finishers got an invite to this year’s centenary celebrations. Except LA, but the Fan Boys massaged his guilty ego:

Of course the shadow hovers:LiberationIn the form of the impending announcement from the French Senate on the retro-testing of the 1998 TdF. At that time there wasn’t a test for EPO. Rumor has it that of the 70 samples re-tested, 40 were found positive. Of course, this subtly changes the doubt from “who was doping?” to “who was clean?”.

But the night was for celebration:

Past all the sights:
Tour de France 2013 stage-21Yeah, That’s where the grapeshot went.

Sir Dave Brailsford congratulates (soon to be Sir) Chris Froome:
Tour de France 2013 stage-21

Raw emotion (Mollema):
Tour de France 2013 stage-21

Raw emotion (Colombians):

You’ll probably think that I’m making this up, so have a look here. Next year’s Tour will start in Leeds and after 3 days in England it will retrace parts of the Western Front in a tribute to The Great War. Including a stage finish in Ypres.

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2 Responses to TdF stage 21

  1. Mark says:

    Hi James, I must admit I only stayed up to watch 2 of the stages live (Ventoux & Alpe d’Huez). In both I fell asleep about 30 minutes before the end. Which just made me cranky… BTW You will have noticed that Stuey just retired. He won a stage in 1998 and wore yellow for 3 days. (Not that I’m implying anything.)

  2. 888riley says:

    Epic coverage of the tour this year Mark … well done. Seriously though, you probably should get some sleep not.

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