Flying bikes, Burning Man, Portland, etc…

I love this. Watch it as many times as you can and weep. We live in the Age of Wonders. I had no idea that a bike-powered helicopter was within reach. Amazingly, it seems that there were a number of competing teams that were all, oh, so close.

A fraction of a fraction makes all the difference. Talk about marginal gains…

But seriously, barring one minute flights in indoor soccer stadiums, what does this mean for the average punter? It’s the trickle-down effect. To alert you to investment opportunities, check out what’s coming up via Kick-starter.

Shaman Cycle (Funded, $12,527: 120 backers)
Let’s be clear here: A .. Global .. Ridable .. Sculpture.

keywords: “A giant 10-person Eagle Bicycle with Beautiful Metal Wings and Flaming Eyeballs! Visionary Green Art Transportation!” – Yep, you’d better click that one and check it out. (It’s engineered by a rocket scientist named Jeff Curious)

This is how it happened:
In a dream an Eagle came to Phoebe. The Eagle held an axle in her sharp claws. She said, “Build an Eagle bicycle for your people. I will shield them from the sun with my wings. I will look across the Playa with my flaming eyes. I will show you where healing help is needed. Go now and build a multi-rider Eagle bicycle.”

The vision is big, but is not without dangers.
The Eagle eyes will be made from welded copper hemispheres that emit jets of flame. All Flame Effects come with potential hazards. We are working closely with Burning Man Fire Safety rangers to make sure that our riders and our community will be safe.

Next up we have: ParaVelo (Funding unsuccessful, £9,750 out of £50,000: 153 backers)

keywords: “Takes off from any open space and reaches 4,000ft. Travels at 15mph on land and 25mph in the air. Pioneering ‘door-to-door’ concept – a roadable aircraft that packs down to store inside your house or office. Features a built-in tent for flamping (fly/camping)

This one got me really excited. Until I saw that big hinge on the top-tube. It actually a flying folding bike, a crucial detail that they seem to skim over.

Bikes in Space (Funded: March 24th, $2,531: 133 backers)

keywords: “I related far more to visions of the future that were populated by strong, intelligent, empowered women with complex personalities
“Featuring a badass space lady on a penny farthing fending off an attack by space sharks” – and about time too.

She-Devils: PGH (Not yet funded: $480: 13 backers)

keywords: “She-Devils PGH is a camp-tastic, genre-defying caper, about an all-female bicycle gang that cruise the streets of PIttsburgh, regulating the safety of their fellow female riders.

If you thought that was strange:
Cute Witches (Not funded: $13: 2 backers)

keywords: “ Epic Dogfight pits two Daring Adventurers and their Flying Bike against an AllPowerful Jinn & a Cute Coven

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