New (NOS) Bike!

A while ago I found this great “how-to” guide. But nowhere did it tell me how to stop.

And it’s a Viner!
V1sm The Cassie seal of approval.

I have never actually bought a new bike, but this one may as well be. It’s immaculate.

While it’s my most expensive Viner purchase to date ($199), it’s still a cheap way of getting into high performance Italian vehicle design (compared to say a Moto Guzzi or Ferrari). But it brings its own problems. I just couldn’t put Japanese componentry on this one.

Sigh, it looks like going down the NOS (new old stock) route. Of course the ebay seller is quite aware of this and had available a 26.6 mm NOS seat post that just happened to be the exact size of the Viner. The reaction was reflex.

I asked him why he was selling the bike off piece by piece and if I should keep watching ebay, but he assured me that he had bought the post separately from the frame that he had sand-blasted and painted. Of course, I should have asked him: “Battleship Grey. Really?”

The colour was nearly a deal-breaker on the mouse-click that lead to its acquisition. But a) It looks a whole lot better than in the photos (and you would be saying how much is “a whole lot?”), and b) after consulting the extensive Viner archives, it turns out to be a traditional Viner colourway!
ColourwayHooray! Huge sigh of relief. The traditional charcoal suddenly really does look a whole lot better (traditional, sophisticated and romantic). Just keep an eye out for a blue one.

Meanwhile, my browser history is choked with sources for Campagnolo group- and wheel-sets. (I was going to use “cheap” as an adjective here, but it turns out that those sources don’t exist.)

However, thankfully it also turns out that the top end Campy is all carbon/ composite/ electronics/ titanium, so that excludes the possibility of having to buy the $5,999 Super Record EPS groupset.
Campagnolo-Super-Record-EPS(Although I have sourced one on sale on for only $5212 here.) To get the required “period-sympatico” silver alloy groupset, you actually have to go quite a way down the Campagnolo hierarchy to the ~$1000 Athena:
campy_athena_alloy-500x500Very nice indeedy, but would eleven (11!) gears look a bit silly? No! Not at all, I have 10 speed on the Viner III:
VinerFrontsmAnd it’s beautiful to ride. But this was back in the day before the slide of the AUD, when a brand new 105 groupset was only $500. And we are not doing Japanese on the NOS Viner.

The NOS future looks like slow curation. I am ruing my lack of fore-sight in not having spent up big and cornered the Campagnolo market when the OZ dollar was at it’s peak. I could now be sitting on a ebay goldmine.

Postscript: After posting, I found a picture of this handsome bike:

Listed here on, a site “about bikes and the people who ride them” with many 1000s of bikes listed. Including 18 Viners, one of which is the traditionally-coloured charcoal Viner shown here.

Actually that NOS campy seatpost looks very familiar…
Nah…! There are a lot of bikes in the world. Let’s look at who the poster is. Hmmm Dan. Hilarious what a coincidence! sounds like a bit like diggerdantheman on ebay. Still, its not like velospace is just an Australian website, and there are lots of Viners in the world.
Location? This one seems to be from Brisbane. And has recently been sandblasted and repainted.

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One Response to New (NOS) Bike!

  1. 888riley says:

    Hmm … Of all the gin joints and two-bit Viner’s in the world eh? Was the frame made before they invented colour? Rare! What’s the go with the stem? Has he painted that also?

    As for the groupset, you’re on a slippery slope. It always starts with 105 NOS and the next thing you know you’re chugging down ultegra and then pretty soon the only thing that satisfies is italian carbon exotica

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