Hey there dudes, made any Epic (or Audacious) rides lately? You can vicariously live one and rescue a wedge-tail eagle (Aquila Audax) here.

And I should give a warning that while FYXO runs the Melburn Roobaix, the site is full of retro vintage steel bikes, fixed gear bikes and tattooed women draped on bikes. Something for everyone.

Firstly, a gear update:
I should have seen that one coming: The Biden bidon.

In other breaking news, Selle San Marco unveils a 104.7gm saddle (here).
Why do they specify the weight to a tenth of a gram? I’m guessing 104.7 is an Italian FM station. Why does padding keep going from the saddle into the chamois? You will end up buying far more shorts than saddles; the bike industry isn’t silly.

And then there is this:
Let’s just say that I’m really, really, really excited.

A China update:
Thor_BeijingThings are warming up for the Man with the Hammer.

The Radonneurs of China (ROCn) are conveniently located in Chengdu, our Tibetan launch-point. Check them out here. They’re hardcore and toe the Audax Club Parisien line.
600 km, 48 hr, Tibetan Plateau, how bad can it be?

Nothing is Impossible. Unless you’re Italian cyclist Diego Ulissi
Where “Impossible is Nothing”:

Preparation update:
Hopefully everyone is tuning their bike-fit.

And on the scale of “Perth-local-bike-fred-crazy”, this guy is right up there. The world’s brightest bike light here, brought to you by Dr Electric from Telsa Downunder. Pointing away from the camera:
That’s 100,000 lumens. That’s bright, and Dr Electric has calculated that his bike can be seen from space.

And BTW, I went to see “Gravity” last week.
gravity-film_092713-617x416Sandra Bullock is looking very bike-fit. But – spoiler alert – it wasn’t the Russians that knocked out those satellites. And SkyLab didn’t crash outside of Perth just by chance. Dr Electric.

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