Espresso cups are go!

The sweat shops in the far west have been working overtime in developing the latest XE merchandise.

Miranda has curated the 2013 espresso cups in 3 colours, and the following combination of letters: td, oe, mm, oa, ri, rn, o, , wo, wn, er, ro, iu, dl, ee. Yes that’s right, it’s again (a metaphor) that only together we make sense: “demain, on roule”
or “tomorrow we ride”:

This celebrates the wonderful book by Jean Bobet, brother of cycle legend Louison Bobet. Louison won four consecutive Tour de Frances, back in the golden 50’s when you shouldered your own tubulars (and front pockets were popular):
Brother Jean was no slouch on the bike, winning Paris-Nice among other races. But he was also a great writer, did a PhD on Shakespeare in Scotland. He helped his brother, in retirement, establish a health farm in Brittany based on the theory of the medicinal properties of seaweed and massage.

And famously supported Louison on their weekly rides after he was struck with cancer, unable to ride unaided. Each Saturday night they would say “demain, on roule”. The English translation of the book is a great read:
Of course the t-shirt is an instant collectors item.

So now is the time to sign on. Choose your letters wisely. The table contains those who I think are going:

Letters Name Deposit Paid*
td Jonathan $100
oe Leah $100
mm Miranda $100
o, Steve $100
wo Carol(?) $100
ee Mark $100
? Kate $100
? Helena 0
? Jill 0
? Luke 0
? Malcolm $100
? Matt 0
? Vin $100
? Wendy $100

*Must pay $100 accommodation deposit to get t-shirt, don’t miss out!

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One Response to Espresso cups are go!

  1. Mark says:

    Woo hoo! 9 10 people now paid up.
    (Anonymous facebook claim on “wo” cup. Was that you Carol?)

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