Day 1 2013 Perth – Rockingham

There will be blood

Dist. 60.4 km (Miranda), Time: 3:05, Speed: 19.5 k/hr, El: 334m
StartFrom the perspective of writing after the finish: everyone here is a legend, a couple of absolutes, a few dead-sets, but no wannabes. (Missing is Matt & photographer Mal).

Turning up this year: 10 riders (Carol, Helena, Katie, Leah, Luke, Mark, Mal, Miranda, Steve, Vinnie), 3 part-time riders (Jonathan, Lyn, Matt), 2 support (Jill, Wendy). Introductions will proceed slowly depending on available photos. There are variable Garmin readings from the various day 1 starting locations and the abortive Penguin Island sojourn. The above stats are brought to us courtesy of Miranda (you can double-click the cycle maps each day, to get taken down the rabbit-hole of Strava data):

Actually, this year’s Epic organisation was also brought to us courtesy of Miranda. The departure proceeded calmly, lacking the usual angst, frisson and chaos as we passed through the somehow gentrified Perth suburbs.

The cycle paths are inlaid with wisdom

Jonathan stops to rechain:

Up Reabold Hill to view progress:

Even dead the banksias are beautiful:

Incredibly, we experience the only rain on the whole trip at Cottesloe.

I demonstrate why not to take photos while riding:

Finally, 2nd breakfast in Fremantle. The brains trust:

Katie (young and bushy-tailed):

Mal (old and decrepit, but still wily):
The splits in the peloton are proceeding along age-ist lines.

Jonathan (wise and inscrutable):

Lyn, off to hospital, cracking her head on the cafe floor. Cycling occupational hazard. All OK.

Vinnie goes down for the (n+1)th time (first time in clips), here bringing down Luke:

The sky clears. Perth bike paths are great, minimal exposure to traffic:

or trains:

And then we are there, luxury cabins at the Cee and See Caravan Park.

Where the endless road meets the endless horizon:
Luke rebuilds Jonathan’s back wheel.
Found a long lost cyclist cousin Graeme. From his Rockingham verandah:

Whew, what a day. Out of the Suburbs. Almost.

“…I’m just a Suburban Boy, just a Suburban Boy
And I know what it’s like
To be rejected every night
And I’m sure it must be, easier for boys from the city”

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2 Responses to Day 1 2013 Perth – Rockingham

  1. Leah says:

    I feel a theme coming on… Who would have thought that so much musical talent would come from the west?

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