Day 8 2013: Manjimup – Alkoomi winery

Frankland River wine region

Total: 658.2 km, 3973 m; Dist: 94.8km (Carol), Time: 4:54, Speed: 19.3 km/h, El: 927m
We’ve been getting stuck into the grog so much this trip, that it just makes sense to bunk down in a winery and enjoy the time saved.


Well the first port of call was the “King Jarrah” outside of Manjimup. (We don’t take these claims too seriously, we understand that each town has to spruik their own trees). Pretty.
KingJarrah2(You understand the bike is only there for scale.)

Look: West Australia. Summer. Cold.

The landscape varies:

from this

to this

Life, you always run the risk:

The Road:

The coffee stop:

The coffee (and BTW Birkenstock’s are essential for preparing a good coffee):

A farmer stops for a chin-wag. Says it’s the most interesting thing that’s happened all day.

Then, one of those life-defining moments. I’ll freely admit that every year I learn something new. But nothing could have prepared me for this:
Tomato slice. Peanut butter. Cheese. Pure. Genius. Katie.

We arrive at Alkoomi Winery, where we find out that any vintage with less than 80 cases remaining means a fire sale. We buy most of the remaining Shiraz 2009. One of our two chalets, where we strangely experience an earth tremor:

The view from the verandah:

Tame Impala – began as a Perth home-recording project of Kevin Parker. He posted a number of tracks on Myspace, which resulted in a worldwide record deal. He then had to enlist a band to actually start playing.
from their website: “Tame Impala is the movement in Orion’s nebula and the slime from a snail journeying across a footpath. To humans however, Tame Impala is more of a ‘music ensemble’, but its various other forms should not be disregarded…

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” (Who cares about the lyrics, marvel at the clip made totally from plasticine collage.)

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2 Responses to Day 8 2013: Manjimup – Alkoomi winery

  1. stevecycle says:

    enjoying the memories, thanks Mark

  2. stevecycle says:

    1.8 03 January 2014 @ 17:03:50 04 January 2014 @ 04:03:50 -30.966 117.705 2 AUST Near Bencubbin, WA. No Yes

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